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Are your trees bringing down your home's aesthetic beauty? Do your trees present a danger to your home and family? Whether you need dead, dying, diseased, or hazardous trees removed from your property, Bridgewater Tree Service is here to help.


Other than presenting a hazard to your property, you may want trees removed that are undesirable for any reason, including cosmetic, maintenance, and overgrowth. The removal ot trees may provide more sunlight for your property as well, giving light to your turf, garden, or even a larger area for your kids to play.

The right experience to safely remove your trees

We safely, systematically, and efficiently remove dead, damaged, and diseased trees that pose a safety hazard to structures and people in the area. Our state of the art tree removal equipment helps to minimize impact to your lawn and landscape. If you are concerned that a tree might be hazardous or conflicts with other trees, your landscape, or your needs, let us help. With over 20 years of tree service and arborist experience in the Central Jersey area, Bridgewater Tree Service is a name you can trust to handle all of your tree removal needs.





Symptoms of a tree needing removal services

- Large sections of dieback and/or sections or limbs

 with no leaf growth

- Bark discoloration and/or shedding, apparent wet spots, or

 limbs 3" - 4" in diameter falling from your tree

- Saw dust looking material at the base of the tree

Call today for a FREE proposal on tree removal services to keep your property safe and beautiful.

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