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Over time, your trees can become overgrown, hazardous, or just in the way. While you may not want to totally remove the trees from your property, something needs to be done.


Tree pruning from Bridgewater Tree Service may be the perfect solution for your home or business. Pruning improves and maintains the overall health, appearance, and safety of a tree, thus enhancing the beauty of your property.

How exactly will pruning enhance your property?

Through pruning, we remove limbs that interfere with windows, gutters, and chimneys, as well as injured or weak limbs that pose the potential for storm damage. In other words, pruning is the removal of dead or dying limbs and limbs that obstruct visability. Not only does pruning promote the natural growh habit of the tree, it also improves and maintains the tree's overall health, appearance, and safety.





The best pruning solutions for your trees

- Crown Cleaning: Makes cuts to remove dead, dying,

 diseased, or conflicting limbs.

- Structural Pruning: Prunes trees to help promote strong

 structure and improved symmetry.

- Vista Pruning: Prunes trees to enhance a view, such as the

 view to your home or from your home.

- Crown Thinning: Thins trees in their interior.

- Tree Canopy Thinning: We use strategic thinning to

 remove branches and increase the sunlight reaching grassy

 areas to help other plants in the landscape flourish. We also

 thin trees to make room for more desirable tree species.




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